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Entry #3

Yup, I fail at making my songs complete :P

2009-12-10 14:35:09 by ExPenguin

So I've got 3 new tracks I'm working on, I've gotten a lot better since I first started producing music... Don't think I'll ever go back to my other tracks though :\

It's a shame, I know, but right now these 3 are my pride and joy.

We have a House track near completion, an Electro-House daft punk-ish song thats in the beginning stages, and my last and most favorite, a Rave track that I'm working on, it's fast paced which is something I don't normally work with (It's over 128 BPM which is a lot more then I'm used to XD)

Oh well, I'll get them uploaded sometime when I get around to it :P

Til then!


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2009-12-10 15:32:42